Happy 5th Anniversary State Financial Officers Foundation!

These past five years have been an incredible ride. We were so very fortunate in 2012 to have several bold treasurers, staff, corporate partners and other incredible leaders step up to the plate and support SFOF.

Together with our corporate partners we have commented, written letters, testified and educated federal leaders when they passed seemingly harmless federal laws or rules that would turn out to be harmful over regulation costing states and taxpayers more of their hard earned money.

We have been educated by some of the financial industry’s brightest minds. We have been encouraged by some of the free market movement’s most successful organizations and their leaders. And, we have been inspired — laughing and crying together as we heard from and met some of the nation’s most interesting keynote speakers.

Our Treasurers, Controllers, CFO’s, Deputy Treasurers and other staffers have collaborated on various projects and built friendships that transcend their roles in state government. They have been bold leaders speaking out and stepping up to do the right thing when it was against the majority opinion. And they have developed a deeper passion for their roles as public servants helping to make state government more accountable and transparent to the people. That is leadership folks.

In honor of our elected officials, staff, and corporate partners, who have come together to be a part of this movement, we want to celebrate our 5th anniversary all year long with one simple theme: Bold Leadership. That is what has gotten us to this point, and bold leadership is what will carry us forward.


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Why you should consider joining SFOF

It was a pleasure to address the SFOF Spring Meeting earlier this year in Charleston. Across the country, SFOF’s treasurers play an important role in reducing government regulation to get our economy going and growing again.

“On a daily basis, state financial officers regularly observe the profound importance of free enterprise and limited regulation.  They witness the centrality of these factors in creating environments for sustainable economic growth.”

“Our state treasurers are on the front lines of our fiscal future and it is critical that we support those who see the world through the common sense lens of wise government spending while fostering growth and opportunity, not dependency. We all want government to be efficient and accountable and SFOF is at the forefront of free enterprise advocacy at the grassroots level.”